DIY Art-5D Full Drill Flower Painting -

DIY Art-5D Full Drill Flower Painting

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It is the Size of Canvas Not the Size of Picture.


Material: Canvas + Resin Diamond
Diamond Type: Full Drill Round Diamond
Size: 25*25 cm/9.84*9.84"
Point Drill Part Size: 17*17 cm/6.69*6.69"
Frame: No
Diamond characteristics:
Pointed design shape, perfect size 2.8 mm/0.11".
26 cut-face innovative introduction,360-degree refraction rhinestones pure color.
High quality manufacturing process, without adding toner, up to export inspection standard.
Grade 8 colour fastness, oxidation resistant, irradiating, long-lasting.

Package Content:
1 x Diamond Cloth
1 set x Diamond Drawing Tool(Mud, Pen, Speed up plate, Magic cube diamond)

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