Cute Pikachu Full Round Drill Painting

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It is the Size of Canvas Not the Size of Picture.


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  • Full Drill Complete Kit

    Painting with diamonds is easy& no skills are required.A sparkling beautiful?diamond painting?will both adorn your wall and bring out your best artistic ability.


    Diamond painting is an easy and relaxing activity for both adults and kids. Based on the same concept as cross stitch and paint-by-numbers, you can use colorful resin diamonds to create a sparkling diamond art masterpiece!


    - Full Drill Adhesive Pre-printed Canvas
    - Color-Coded Resin Diamonds
    - Drill Pen
    - Wax Pad
    - Craft Tray

    Package Content:
    1 x Diamond Cloth
    1 set x Diamond Drawing Tool(Mud, Pen, Speed up plate, Magic cube diamond)

    Conversion Table

    1 in = 2.54 cm

    CM IN
    30X30 12X12
    40X40 16X16
    50X50 20X20
    60x60 24x24
    70x70 28x28
    80x80 32x32
    90x90 36x36
    100x100 40x40

    DIY diamond painting steps:
    1, Open the box, check the kits whether complete;
    2, According to the color code, choose a color into the plate;If you paste the same color at the same time, you can increase the speed;
    3, Find the symbols in picture, beginning paste until finish it;
    4. When you finish it,put some books on top, let it more firmly;
    5. Congratulations, you can go framed up and decorate your home now!

    What will happen when I paint?

    • It will makes you feel "relaxed".
    • It scares away the "stress".
    • Makes you feel "happier".
    • Painting makes me "focus" better.
    • It improves the overall "mental health"
    • Last but not the least, it enhances your "painting skills" because practice makes a man perfect.


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