Turn Your Artwork to Diamond Paintings!!!

 🙋‍♀🙋‍♀We believe that everyone can be an artist. ✍️Everyone has his own work. ✍️It may be the photos we took when we encountered unique beauty during the journey of life. It may be that we see a picture that we like, and then add elements that we like to turn it into a work of our own design.🥳🥳 It may also be a work of our own DIY.

👉👉Do you hope that these works can become diamond paintings?💎💎 Can be seen by more people? Can people who like these works have the opportunity to complete such a diamond painting with their own hands? 🛍🛍Enjoy the satisfaction of completing this work of art?

👉👉Now the opportunity is here.
We hope to make your work into a diamond painting and sell it on the website at the same time. The price will be the same as what we are selling now. In order to protect your design, we can also cooperate and you can get part of the commission.

💎💎To turn your work into a diamond painting, you only need to provide:

  1. The pictures or photos of your work should be as clear and large as possible. Or a picture of your work.
  2. Provide your personal public information (we will have a page to display your photo, name and self-introduction, your youtube link or pinterest link or facebook personal link), the link is convenient for more people who like your artwork to find you).
  3. Any details don't hesitate to contact us at chmarkting5@gmail.com.